Atlas Mountains to the Arctic 2018, Part 1- Seville, Morocco, southern Spain

Worldwide there are more people travelling than ever before – many of them seemingly to Wanaka. So, we decided to reverse the flow and ride the great tourist tsunami in Europe and Morocco for another awfully big adventure, this one a mere 92 days. Day One….Wednesday, 21 March Wanaka to Queenstown Packed, prepped and eager … Continue reading Atlas Mountains to the Arctic 2018, Part 1- Seville, Morocco, southern Spain

Trekking Nepal’s Langtang Valley – March 2017

When Harry, an old university friend wrote asking if anyone wanted to join him on a trek in Nepal I jumped at the chance. The last time I had trekked there was more than 30 years ago and, with both of us now in our 60s, retired, respective children flown the nest, I thought what … Continue reading Trekking Nepal’s Langtang Valley – March 2017

Hike in the Grose Valley, Blue Mountains April 2019

Prefatory note: I had intended to publish this months ago but it's been a busy old year. Now, with bushfires almost surrounding Sydney and threatening many national parks including parts of the Blue Mountains, it's timely to pay tribute to the stunning and glorious Grose Valley. Hopefully it will survive. So here finally is the … Continue reading Hike in the Grose Valley, Blue Mountains April 2019

Can non-scientists tell science stories?

In the 1960s a group of musical Dadaists challenged the British music scene with a series of albums that blended anarchy, parody and musical virtuosity. The group was called the Bonzo Dog Doodah band and their second album, The Donut in Granny’s Greenhouse included tracks like the twelve bar blues "Trouser Press" — featuring a … Continue reading Can non-scientists tell science stories?

Changing Face of Lake Wanaka

A stand of trees makes way for a watersports facility on the edge of Lake Wanaka's famous Roy's Bay. The question we should be asking ourselves - is this the thin end of the wedge. Watersports facility today - five star hotels tomorrow? An inevitable sign of what's to come perhaps, sadly. The projected growth … Continue reading Changing Face of Lake Wanaka


Wouldn’t it be great to have a commercial airport in Wanaka! Fancy flying direct to Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington – maybe even Australia. No more driving over the Crown Range, dodging through the Frankton traffic, hustling with the Queenstown parking and airport crowds. Sounds brilliant doesn’t it. So handy and convenient. And grown-up! Our very own … Continue reading WANAKA AIRPORT – FLIGHTS OF FANCY?